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Lagos CCTV Camera & Solar PV Systems Training  is a complete hands-on training that provides a comprehensive, beginner to professional level knowledge in the design, configuration and maintenance of Solar PV  and Surveillance Systems.

What you will learn

Participant will be trained on the following:

  1. Solar and Inverter Systems Design: Participants will learn about solar components and their functions, solar resources and energy management concepts, inverter design and operation principles, battery technologies and the relationships between them. They will learn to carry out load analysis and calculations, solar array sizing, inverter and battery bank sizing and design.
  2. Solar and Inverter Systems Installation: Participants will be practically taught the best methods of installing solar modules, different types of batteries and their selection criteria, solar charge controllers and inverter systems technology and selection.
  3. Solar and Inverter Systems Configuration and Maintenance: Participants will be trained on the various types of solar and inverter system configurations, protection and protective devices in solar PV systems and how to carry out maintenance on each system component.
  4. Business Opportunity in Solar and Inverter Industry: Participants will not only be trained on how to design and install Solar and Inverter Systems, but will also be thought different opportunities that can be harnessed in the Solar / Renewable Energy Industry.

Target Audience

    • Solar Entrepreneurs
    • Investors
    • Installers
    • Contractors
    • Project managers & Engineers
    • Electricians
    • Quality Inspectors
    • Technical support crew
    • Students & NYSC Corp members

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GTS Training centre, 320, Lagos Abeokuta Express way,Super, Abule Egba, Lagos State.



Weekends: 9th Oct. –  17th Oct, 2021


80% Discount for early registration:
N100,000 N20,500

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